First rate engineering combined with stunning visuals


1. Start with your zipcode…

Enter some information about the host-site that is considering cogeneration


2. Enter monthly bills and usage profile.

Upload .csv or manually enter monthly bills. Then, pick an usage profile from our library or draw an usage profile in Elevate. Elevate creates a detailed load profile that you can work with using the information you entered.



3. Pick a generator size and type based on Elevate’s recommendations and your own judgment.

Also choose ancillaries for the generator. Should a HRSG be included or not? Will the generator need inlet cooling? Need an ancillary that you don’t see in the tool? Tell us using the chat window and we will put it in.

4. Go with the default costs in Elevate (based on an analysis of hundreds of different machines) or enter your own costs.


At every step, use the visualizations and the information in Elevate to speed up your analysis. Share the visualizations with your customer to help them grasp the analysis.