Data Analysis

Enter monthly averages or use Elevate’s profile creation wizard, or upload interval meter data to get started. With Elevate you can mix and match data collected at different intervals so you can bring the details together to build the whole picture…


…Then see the whole picture. Energy data visualized like never before. The whole year laid out in front of you, color coded, to help you grasp the big picture and spot opportunities quickly…



… While keeping details one click away, because we know that details are also important for you…

Find inefficiencies such as overlap between heating and cooling and a variety of other conditions…

Cogeneration may be a viable solution for the site that has the load profile showed above. The site has a prominent steam load throughout the year (shown here by the color orange) and a prominent electric load as well.

… and spot opportunities such as a large overlap between heating and cooling

See the overlap between yellow and green? That shows the overlap between electric use and steam use. Since there is a significant overlap at this site, cogeneration may be a viable option here.

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